Methodology & Procedure

Assessment & Inspection
VIACS provides comprehensive inspection of a wide variety of HVAC systems and controls. We assess the safety, lifespan and energy efficiency of your HVAC system to determine the current operating condition and we can also provide an assessment on work that has already been done.

Contract Management
VIACS can manage all aspects of your HVAC equipment service contract, including billing, scheduling, profitability analysis, and warranty tracking.

Containment & Control
VIACS practices stringent containment and control of infectious substances, mold and lead during removal and/or abatement. Containment systems include physical barriers, pressurization systems, isolation and sealing of ventilation ducts, dermal and respiratory protection for workers, and systematic removal, transportation and disposal of contaminated materials.

Cryogenic Cleaning (CO2 Media Blasting)
Dry Ice (or CO2 Pellet) Blasting is one of the most effective means of removing loose surface and tightly bonded contaminants. The process itself is similar to sandblasting, but provides a non-hazardous, non-conductive, and most importantly, a non-waste generating mechanical cleaning action. The process can be gentle enough to clean delicate electrical components or aggressive enough to remove bonded coatings.

Hand Cleaning
At VIACS, our professionals hand-clean duct work, fan components, diffusers, dampers, and other internal surfaces of the air handling unit where pressurized air and water or vacuum processes are not appropriate.

High Pressure Air Washing
High pressure air washing delivers streams of high-pressure air that dislodges accumulated dirt and debris. The debris is then suctioned into a vacuum collection system and disposed of.

High Pressure Water Washing
High pressure water washing uses a high-pressure water flow to dislodge and dissolve dirt and debris - typically using tank trucks and custom self-contained equipment. Chemicals and cleaning agents are often used to aid in stain removal and deep cleaning.

High Volume Vacuum
At VIACS, our high volume vacuum system is used in conjunction with an assortment of rotating brushes and/or high pressure air to dislodge contaminants and suction them into an enclosed collection system.

Low Volume High Pressure Hot Water Washing
At VIACS, our unique system creates a “high pressure hot water washing” with the advantage of “low volume” waste water production.

Project / Program Management
Our program management expertise includes specifying and coordinating activities between several parties; scheduling; establishing budgets; ensuring quality control; resolving disputes between parties; establishing and maintaining documentation systems; collecting, compiling, organizing, and delivering project data.

Rotary Brush Cleaning
At VIACS, our rotary brush cleaning involves the insertion of a mechanical rotary brush into the ductwork to agitate and dislodge the debris. The debris is then suctioned into a vacuum collection system and disposed of.

Specification Development
At VIACS, our professionals work with project managers and engineers to provide valuable input and feedback to reduce HVAC installation and maintenance costs and to increase efficiency throughout the development and design process.

At VIACS, our experienced professionals investigate the cleanliness of your HVAC system, assess the overall impact on the system's performance and provide recommendations to increase efficiency.

Systems Evaluations
VIACS has an extensive inventory of cutting edge instrumentation to aid in identifying and solving indoor air quality problems. Our team of technicians has the analytical skills to measure, document and troubleshoot indoor air quality problems in existing construction and to help prevent problems in new construction.

Testing & Reporting
Quality assurance is a vital part of any construction project. VIACS provides independent testing services with absolutely no affiliation with any manufacturer, vendor, provider, contractor or installer of HVAC equipment or systems. By documenting and reporting mechanical and related items that do not conform to the project specifications or other contract documents, VIACS serves as an agent to the owner for quality assurance.

Three State Filteration
Quality At VIACS, our three stage filtration system includes an anti-microbial pre-filter, an activated carbon air filter and a true HEPA air filter - coupled with our high volume vacuum system.

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