Safety & Empowerment

VIACS is very committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees and preventing accidents in business operations. To accomplish our objectives VIACS has instituted safety training and programs & procedures that incorporate a progressive approach to injury prevention.

Jobsite Safety is Customer Value

At VIACS, safety is part of our everyday culture for all employees. What this means to our customers is fewer jobsite accidents and the delays and liability concerns that come along with them. What this means to our employees is greater confidence in the practices and procedures they use on the job and the pride that comes from working for a premier service organization. Tighter safety standards and fewer accidents also leads to on-time project completion and high quality outcomes.

When you work with VIACS you will have full advantage of our superior safety program, low incident rates and subcontractor safety management procedures. All these programs manage project risk most effectively.

Safety Tools, Training & Expertise

At VIACS, our service professionals are among the most skilled in the industry and are also extensively trained in safe work procedures. Our professionals receive safety training and equipment, tools, procedures and management support to identify jobsite hazards and take appropriate measures to prevent personal injury. The resources available to VIACS professionals include: 

  • Safety Training classroom platforms
  • Electrical Safety classroom platforms
  • Fall Protection full complement of fall arrest and fall restraint equipment
  • Ergonomics training material handling equipment and procedures
  • Empowerment Professionals are empowered with full management support to address safety hazards. If a doubt about how to safely complete a job or task arises, the technician is required to ask a qualified person for assistance before proceeding with work.

Management Leadership and Commitment

At VIACS, accident prevention is a primary responsibility of the management team. Our safety culture is based upon the following management principles:

  • Leadership manages the organizations safety performance
  • Management is financially accountable for safety performance
  • Management is actively engaged in risk reduction activities, training and oversight for safety performance outcomes
  • Management communicates to all employees their safety expectations and strongly enforces compliance with those expectations
  • Employees are held accountable to meet safety expectations

Management and supervisory personnel are responsible for implementation of the following safety program elements:

  • The Safety Management System developed by VIACS developed in accordance with OHSAS 18001
  • Audits and Inspections supervisors and managers must conduct field inspections
  • Company Safety Compliance Programs ensure that they are fully implemented
  • Safety and Environmental Performance Audits
  • Subcontractor Qualification to promote safety plan compliance on multi-employer job sites
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy mandatory Department of Transportation (DOT) required for-cause and post-accident testing after recordable injuries and property damage
  • Motor Vehicle Records Search annual check of driving record for employees driving company vehicles

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