"I was extremely impressed by the information flow that I received on their progress. That is highly uncommon and was a greatly welcomed change. As well, I was impressed by the knowledge of the technicians, and their willingness to discuss the job with me, again an uncommon trait."

Jason T. Goetz
Quality Assurance Inspector
Vigor Industrial
Specification & Professional Services

At VIACS, our experienced professionals investigate your facility and review requirements to create a methodology and procedure suited to your needs. Below is a list of the most common specification and professional services that VIACS performs. To view a list of all services VIACS offers, visit our services. Please contact us for more information or to schedule an evaluation of your facility.

Assessment & Inspection
VIACS provides comprehensive inspection of a wide variety of HVAC systems and controls. We assess the safety, lifespan and energy efficiency of your HVAC system to determine the current operating condition and we can also provide an assessment on work that has already been done.

Contract Management
At VIACS, our professionals can manage all aspects of your HVAC equipment service contract including billing, scheduling, profitability analysis, and warranty tracking.

Project / Program Management
At VIACS, our project/program management expertise includes specifying and coordinating activities between several parties including; scheduling, establishing budgets, ensuring quality control, resolving disputes between parties, establishing and maintaining documentation systems, collecting, compiling, organizing and delivering project data.

Specification Development
At VIACS, our professionals work with project managers and engineers to provide valuable input and feedback to reduce HVAC installation and maintenance costs and to increase efficiency throughout the development and design process.

At VIACS, our experienced professionals investigate the cleanliness of your HVAC system, assess the overall impact on the system's performance and provide recommendations to increase efficiency.

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